Sms bankçılıq


Advantages of the system

  • The opportunity to join the service via any ATM
  • Limitless free of charge SMS
  • Without change of the sim card on the phone
  • Absence of the need to apply to the branches of the Bank
  • Acceptance of information in real time
  • Independence from the residence and time
  • Possibility of connection with any mobile number (Azercell, Bakcell, Nar Mobile, Azerfon-Vodafone)
  • Verification about failed transactions (In other words, warning about attempt of transaction in case of lack of funds, the card's expiry and other cases like this)
  • Possibility for any financial institution to add advertising text to the SMS
  • Non-deduction of money from the balance of the mobile phone number for each SMS (only monthly service fee will be deducted from the card account)
  • Possibility to receive SMS notifications about the card even with a closed balance of the mobile number
  • Totally free of charge connection to the service
  • Only the cardholder can connect the service to the card
  • The cardholder can activate the service on his card to any mobile phone number
  • The bank's branches should be referred to in order to cancel the service on the card and to change the number with the activated service.

The process of connection to the system

  • Put on the “SERVICES’ button on the main menu
  • Put on the button “SMS NOTIFICATIONS” at the SERVICES menu
  • Put on the number of your mobile phone
  • Put on the number of your mobile phone once again
  • Verify you mobile phone number
  • After the connection to the system the SMS has to come to the phone
  • In case of absence of SMS the customer has to call to our customer service